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HSPU Technique: 3/6/19

Wednesday strength will consist of some STOH (Push Press and Jerks) work with time between sets to work on HSPU technique (for some, not all).  Some common flaws in the movement are addressed in the videos below.  Take the time to work on some of this drill work before the WOD begins to better your HSPU skills.

#1 Falling Off The Wall

Do you often fall off the wall and can’t figure out why?  If your distance from the wall is where it should be, the next thing to address is head and body position.  Take a look as Carl Paoli explains, then back the video up to see the ways in which he has the individual work on correcting them.

#2  Hand and Elbow Position

Find your strongest ‘pushing’ position when executing the HSPU.  Pay attention to how your hands are placed on the floor and where your elbows point.

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