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Improving Your Snatch: 8/19/2015



You need a strong Overhead Squat for one reason – to complete the snatch. Although we use it in workouts all the time, in reality, the overhead squat is simply one of the elements of a properly executed snatch. In order to snatch heavier weight, you need to be comfortable coming out of the hole with a lot of weight over your head. So we train the overhead squat….

Breaking Muscle with the help of some highly regarded coaches, put together a list to help improve your Overhead Squat and thus improve your Snatch.

#1 Use a barbell! Do not try to learn how to overhead squat with a PVC pipe. Part of the difficulty of an overhead squat is keeping the bar over your base. It’s possible to lock out a PVC pipe in all sorts of places that aren’t correct without even realizing it. You need to be able to feel where the bar should be so that you can ingrain the correct positioning, and using a barbell instead of PVC helps make this possible.

#2 Stretch the bar! Pull that bar apart like it’s a rubber band and you’re going to shoot your pesky little brother with it. When you pull the bar apart, it forces your elbows to lock and makes your upper back tighten up.

#3 Show your armpits! Would you rather try to hold up a bar with a stack of muscle or a stack of bone? Bone is stronger and more stable. So in order to get your bones stacked, externally rotate your armpits forward and lock out your elbows.

#4 Knees Out, not forward during the squat. Get tight by squeezing your butt, get your belly tight, and screw your feet into ground with external rotation.

#5 Mobilize! It is crucial to get mobile both in your shoulders and your hips. Your adductors (groin muscle), hamstrings and glutes, must all be unglued so that you can externally rotate the hips and drop into your squat without collapsing.

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