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Kip Your Dip: 10/3/2017

It’s about time you learn to Kip Your Dip!

If you’ve got dips but struggle with the Kip, this video is for you!  And trust me, you’ll want to watch it before Tuesday! If you don’t have dips, no problem!  The scaling options below the video are for you!


Scaling The Ring Dip:

For a beginner, this can be a bit daunting. There are other approaches that both preserve the stimulus and get you on the rings.

1. Support Holds: Just holding yourself in support above the rings is a challenge. You have to engage every muscle in your upper body just to keep the rings from moving away. .

2. Jumping Dips:  The jumping dip is another great exercise for people who can hold a support at least briefly but don’t yet have the ability to do a full-range dip. As with the jumping pull-up, you will be using your legs to overcome the strength deficit. At the easiest level, your feet will still just barely touch the ground in the support position. From here, you squat down until the arms are in the bottom dip position and then jump back up into a support. As the rings get higher, you will need to both jump and push with your arms to get back up to the support. As the rings get up to your head, it becomes essentially a jumping muscle-up.

3. Box Dips: Using plyo-boxes and applying the same technique as seen above, use your legs to guide you down and up giving you as much support as necessary to work through a full range of motion.

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