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Love & Hate Wall Balls: 6/8/18

The wall-ball drill comprises two highly functional weightlifting movements (front squat & push press) brought together at light loads and extended duration to create a super-potent metabolic conditioning tool with an enormous potential for increasing athletic performance.

What are some tips to become more efficient at them?

Just because there isn’t a barbell involved doesn’t mean you should forgo the basic mechanics of a good squat. Keep your chest high, your shoulders back and your toes pointed forward. Make sure that you push your knees outwards when you descend and stand, driving out of your heels and snapping your hips up to generate as much power as possible for every rep.

2. Rest Your Arms:

When the ball is in flight, you are in “off tension”. This is a brief period in the movement when you are actually able to rest, but a lot of athletes keep their arms actively extended overhead during this time. This is inefficiently and unnecessarily spending precious energy, so simply let your arms relax and fall down to your sides while the ball is in the air. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to catch the ball when it rebounds off of the wall, and you’ll actually be catching the ball closer to the ground, shaving precious seconds off of your time.

2. Rest With The Ball Against The Wall
Obviously, for some workouts (see Karen), your lungs will be on fire and your arms will be spent, so you can’t help but let the ball drop to the floor, but to save yourself from the effort of having to clean the ball of off the ground and get back into the flow of things, simply try placing the ball between your chest and the wall and let your arms hang at your sides. You’ll save both time and energy.

3. Make Every Shot Count
It’s much harder to catch a ball that’s completely missed the target and is falling awkwardly, causing you to step out of a good squat stance and waste valuable time correcting yourself. Take the time and focus to ensure you strike the target with every rep so that you can get into a good flow and save yourself the trouble of stopping and starting.

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