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802 CrossFit Programs

Because CrossFit is designed for a wide range of individuals, we offer different memberships to cater to differing needs. Most of us choose to replace our gym membership while others add it their current sport focus. Whether you are a triathlete, weightlifter, mom or grandparent, CrossFit will make you better at what you do! Our classes are planned each week to build on one another. The more classes you attend the more successful and knowledgable you will be.

Free Trial Class

So you’ve heard about this thing called CrossFit, but you’re not quite sure if it’s for you. Join us for a Free Class to help you decide! Participate or be a spectator at one of our classes to get a good feel of our gym and how our program works.

CrossFit Foundations

You may think you’re ready to jump right in, or you may be scared to death to walk into your first class. No matter where you fall on the “I’m Ready To Start CrossFit” spectrum, all new members begin with what we call CrossFit Foundations.


CrossFit classes are one hour group training sessions that meet throughout each day, seven days a week.

CrossFit Kids

The CrossFit Kids program combines, gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics, and weightlifting elements to develop full athletic capacity.

Running Endurance

Learn to maximize cardiovascular fitness and overall work capacity through speed endurance and strength endurance training.

Personal Training

Do you prefer CrossFitting on your own or are you looking for personalized one-on-one training? Our Personal Training program will tailor an exercise routine to meet your specific needs and goals.

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