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Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

6 weeks



The Details

Sign-Up with Wodify Rise

1. Click on the link above to Register. You will be directed to a free application, Wodify Rise. This is your go-to place to enter your daily scores.
2. Bring $25 Cash (cash only) to secure your spot and give to a Coach. Make sure they record your name as ‘paid’.
3. Download the Wodify Rise App to your smart phone to easily access your account and enter your daily scores.

800 grams of Fruits and Vegetables

ALL fresh fruits and vegetables. To include those from the list below as well.
Canned items if in water and spices only (weighed drained)
Coconut (fresh/frozen chunks)
Fermented/pickled foods (e.g., kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles) – sugar free brine
Legumes (beans), lentils, and peas
Potatoes if they are not commercially fried
Recipes with fruits and veggies if you can weigh the qualifying items before cooking/prepping
Salsa if without added water, oil, or sugar
Smoothies if made at home and you can weigh the qualifying items before blending
Tofu if beans and spices only
Tomato sauce if without added water, oil, or sugar

What DOESN’T Count
Store-bought or pre-made items that contain fruits or vegetables like soups, Odwalla type smoothies, frozen burritos etc.
Dried anything including fruit, veggie chips, coconut flakes
Juices or milk of any kind
Commercially fried anything like french fries or tempura
Grains of any kind (e.g., quinoa, buckwheat)
Nuts including peanuts (a legume) & seeds

Protein Intake

Eat Protein: Gain 2 Daily Points by eating quality Protein daily.

How Much Protein? : A range of 0.7-1.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight or target weight a day is a good general recommendation to build lean muscle mass. (If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, you can use your target weight, but please ask for guidance here). 

How to MeasureIf you do not have a scale, NO PROBLEM! The size of an adult palm is the equivalent to about 25 grams of Protein. 5 Palms = roughly 125 grams of daily protein.

Quality Protein Only Nothing Fried! Fish, Yogurt, Nuts, Dairy, Beef, Chicken, Beans, Eggs etc.

The Math : But how do you know if you should be 0.7 versus 1.0? Generally, people that are smaller, less-muscled, and less active would be closer to 0.7 and those larger, more-muscled and more active would be closer to 1.0. But, it’s better to start at the level that best approximates your current protein intake and increase as necessary.

Suppose someone was 150 pounds; their protein intake could be one of the following:

• 0.7 = 105 grams of protein/day (g pro/d)

• 0.8 = 120 g pro/d

• 0.9 = 135 g pro/d

• 1.0 = 150 g pro/d

Generally, the 0.8-0.9 multiplier works well for those weightlifting and training at high-intensity regularly. Even for those looking to put on mass, it is not recommended to eat much above the 1 g pro/lb bw*d. Why? When you are eating that much protein, the rest of the diet generally suffers. 

Fruit/Veggie Diversity

Variety is Important 1 Daily Point. If and only if you reach your 800 grams, you can gain diversity points by eating at least 6 different fruits and vegetables a day. This will ensure you don’t eat 6 cups of blueberries every day. YOU MUST however eat at least 25g or more of the diverse foods to gain points. You cannot have one bite of a carrot and call it diversity.


DAILY WOD PARTICIPATION: 2 Points (max 10 points/week) Because rest days are important, only 10 points per week max. Participate in a WOD OR work-out VIGOROUSLY FOR 30 MINUTES on your own (WOD like exhaustion, not a casual walk in the park)

EXTRA WORK: 1 Points – Extra Work must be done IN COMBINATION with the Daily WOD. Do not gain Extra Work points unless WOD was completed the same day. Rest days are important. 5 Point weekly max. Extra Work will be added on Saturdays through the Challenge.

Sleep & Water

Sleep 1 Point Daily. Sleep is more important than food.  Crazy but true. As far as health, performance, and body composition sleep is going to impact those three things immensely.  Sleep 8 or more hours a night to gain points here.  If you take a nap during the day, add it to the night before to gain your hours.  

Water Intake 1 Daily Point. Drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water.  Max consumption for females = 80oz and males = 100oz. This must be water – not flavored, not coffee.  Herbal tea or infused waters (lemon, mint, cucumber) is allowed.  

Build Community

Weekly Bonus: 2 WEEKLY Points. You will get this prompt on Sunday. Cheer/Knuckle Bump and/or introduce yourself to someone new each week to gain 2 easy points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I HAVE to Weigh and Measure My Food? It is recommended you do at home or at the office for education and awareness. However, FOR VEGGIES, 1 cup is about ~100 grams and a closed adult fist is about 1 cup. About 6 cups (6 fists) ends up being 800 grams. Except, leafy greens in salads don’t weigh much. They only weigh ~25g/cup – so think about it as 6 cups a day and as many leafy greens as you want when you are estimating.

The cup/fist method can be used to estimate grams on the road or out at restaurants. And the more you weigh and measure at home, the more accurate your estimates become.

FOR PROTEIN – about 1 adult palm is equivalent to about 30 grams of protein.

Do you have a scale recommendation? If you would like to buy a scale, but don’t plan on using it much, there are some great, cheap (less than $15) options on Amazon. The Perfect Portions scale is a nicer one that many of those that count their macros use.

Is 800-grams the number for everyone? Yes. While not a single number can be perfect for everyone, 800 grams is considered the baseline where people can scale up from there. Eight hundred grams of mixed fruits & veggies ends up being ~400-500 calories (up to 600 calories with avocado and potatoes). This is usually about a quarter of most people’s daily caloric needs. The carbohydrate load depends on the types of fruits and veggies consumed; it will often be 100g of carbs or less.

People also eat about 3,000 grams a day of food by weight, so 800 grams is a reasonable volume dedicated for fruits & veggies.

Can I do this with ALL Fruit? Technically yes, but we definitely don’t recommend it.. Remember, it’s ideal to eat a diverse array of fruits and vegetables to maximize the variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals in the diet. ANY fruit and vegetable choice is usually better than other items in the diet (e.g., grains, processed carbs), but then to optimize that, you need variety.

WAIT – pickles and white potatoes count?!?Yes, they do but remember: you can “cheat” any diet. If you are relying on pickles to hit your 800 grams every day, you can do better (they are heavy with low nutrient value). Also remember, people may be at different stages in their diet. Someone eating a standard American diet is WAY better off eating 800 grams of pickles and white potatoes a day. But, is that an optimal nutrient density? No.

Am I going to lose weight? Maybe! What usually happens with the #800gChallenge® is that people fill up on the lower calorie fruit & veggies, and don’t have as much room for all the junk food. So, many people have lost weight. However, if you continue to have too much beer, pizza, and ice cream on top of the 800 grams of fruits and vegetables, you will not lose weight.

Measurements/Pre-Post WOD

Test and Re-Test
Pre-WOD Test:
11 min AMRAP
Row 1000m
75 Air Squats
50 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
25 Shoulder to Overhead
As Many Burpees as Possible in time remaining

Sub 800m Row

700m Row, 60 AS, 40 AMSU, 20 STOH

Sub Row for Run and Sub STOH for push-ups/kneeling push-ups


Prize Packages Free Memberships, gift certificates and other prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place as well as the ‘Coaches Pick’ – someone that gave impressive effort, but did not necessarily win the competition.

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