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Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

April 29-June 7



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  2. Drop Off Your Paper Score Sheet on Our Desk by Wednesday.  

The Details

Pre & Post Measurements

MEASUREMENTS Tracking progress is always a good idea! We will be taking 3 measurements on Day 1 of this Challenge. Nipple line, belly button and hips/butt – these measurements will be compared at the end of the Challenge.

TEST/RETEST We will also be ‘testing’ and ‘retesting’ a WOD at the beginning and end of the Challenge to see how your extra effort and clean eating effected your overall fitness.

Meal Trays

WHAT’S A MEAL TRAY: For the first time, we will be using 32oz meal portioning trays to help guide individuals on HOW MUCH TO EAT IN A DAY. For each full meal tray you eat, with REAL FOOD, you will gain Nutrition Points.

FILL THE TRAY: YOU MUST FILL EACH HOLE, with the right foods (Acceptable Protein, Carbs & Veggies) to gain meal points. Eat just protein for lunch, and no carbs or veggies = no points for you. Eat a full tray, that contains processed foods or sugar = no points for you. The goal of this is to teach you how to build a well balanced diet to sustain your active lifestyle – create plates filled with the macro and micronutrients your body needs to look and feel your best!

16oz VEGGIES The 16oz compartment is for endless veggies. EAT THE RAINBOW, but especially your greens. Many greens have some carbohydrate value, but don’t worry too much about it (it’s minimal). Greens, peppers, tomato, cucs, brussells, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower. The veggies are ENDLESS and this is the only compartment you can have seconds on.

8oz PROTEIN & CARBS: The two 8oz compartments are for carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates include rice, oats, fruit, squash, potatoes and more! But remember, NO BREAD, flours, pastas etc. The Protein holes should be filled with lean meats often and fattier meats on occasion. Your focus should be free-range, wild and grass fed meats free of hormones and antibiotics. SEE THE SUGGESTED FOOD LISTS TO HELP FILL EACH HOLE WITH THE RIGHT FOODS.

HEALTHY FAT: Healthy Fat is important! For each tray consumed, be sure to have ONE thumbs worth of healthy fat… 1/4 avocado, olive oil on your salad, grass fed butter etc. ONLY one thumb (use this as a guide). If your chicken has skin, you’re eating a ribeye… that can be considered your healthy fat as well.

HOW MANY TRAYS: If you are under 165lbs, you will aim to eat 3 FULL trays a day and you shouldn’t need snacks between meals. If you are over 165lbs, you will aim to eat 4 FULL trays a day and you shouldn’t need snacks between meals. Limiting your intake of food to these trays will help you to eat ‘not too much’. Be sure to fill your tray so you are not hungry between meals.

3 vs. 4 TRAYS AND THE SCORE SHEET: For the sake of the score sheet, the ‘snack/meal 4’ category is for individuals consuming 4 trays OR for those that have a snack between meals. Because we are encouraging you not to snack, those consuming only 3 trays are at a point disadvantage here. To level the playing field, if you do not consume a snack (as intended), but all other meals are spot on, go ahead and give yourself a point under the snack/other category as well.

Remember, ice cream, cookies, or other such ‘non-approved’ foods will take away from your ‘snack/other’ category.

DO I LOSE A POINT Do I lose points if I consume a snack? NO. We just encourage you to keep your daily food consumption in check by using the trays. If I don’t finish my tray in one sitting, can I finish it later? Absolutely!

WHERE DO I GET THE TRAY One meal tray will be provided to you, but more can be purchased from Amazon. They are 32 oz trays (8/8/16oz).

IF YOU ARE A MACRO TRACKER You must still aim to fill your meal periods with these trays. Learning this balance will be good for you! You will see a snack section as well for eating between meals.


DAILY WOD PARTICIPATION: 4 Points (max 20 points/week) Because rest days are important, only 20 points per week max. Participate in a WOD OR work-out VIGUROUSLY FOR 30 MINUTES on your own (WOD like exhaustion, not a casual walk in the park)

EXTRA WORK: 2 Points – Extra Work must be done in combination with the Daily WOD. Do not gain Extra Work points unless WOD was completed the same day. Rest days are important. 10 Point weekly max.

RUNNING GROUP: 8 Points – One group run on Tuesday or Saturday OR completed Running Group work on your own (in full) will get you 8 points. 8 points max. Even if you attend Run Group more than once per week. If you cannot run due to restrictions, you may row or ski erg to get your run group points!

Nutrition & Self Care

EAT REAL FOOD SEE FOOD LISTS FOR MORE INFORMATION. Meat, Vegetables, Carbohydrates that grew, Healthy Fat, NO Sugar, (see maple, honey & protein powder exceptions below), No Processed Foods. This food was once ALIVE, and will not contain preservatives. Although you will not lose points here, your focus should be on free-range, wild, organic and grass fed protein/carbs/veggies, as these include the nutrients our bodies need and do not contain hormones, antibiotics and/or harmful pesticides.

WHERE TO DRAW THE LINE Coming up with rules and expectations proves to be difficult each year when determining where we draw the line with acceptable foods.  Some foods have warranted ‘exceptions’ while others have not.  Decisions were made based on foods that will teach better habits and break bad ones, or certain ‘crutches’ we have. Foods either made the cut or did not make the cut based on their contribution to the macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals they provide. 

MINIMALLY PROCESSED There are select foods that have had some manufacturing and are allowed in this challenge. For example: milk, plain yogurt, oats, frozen vegetables, vinegars, olive oil, nut butters (with no sugar), spice blends (with no sugar), etc are all considered okay. Foods that have an ingredient list made up exclusively of real foods (no preservatives) are ok. Breads of any type (Ezekial included), Pastas, Cereal, Flours are NOT ALLOWED. Whole Grains, Rice, Oatmeal, Quinoa, Barley are okay. These are part of the ‘exceptions’ and where we had to draw the line.

EXCEPTIONS: The first is 1 teaspoon of Raw Honey OR 1 teaspoon of maple syrup allowed daily. This will teach you better sweetener habits down the road. The stevia in your quality protein powder and pre-work out will not lose you any points. You will be allowed 1 piece of gum a day without losing points as well (split it in half so it lasts longer).

NO SUGAR: The food on your trays CAN NOT contain sugar, or you will lose points for that meal period. Sugar shows itself in many forms, and all except honey and maple (see above) are outlawed from this challenge. This includes stevia (in your protein powder is ok), agave, cane sugar, simple syrups, molasses, brown, ETC.

NO ALCOHOL: 2 Daily Points. If you have beer, wine, or straight liquor, you do not gain an alcohol point. If you mix with soda or a sugary mix.juice, deduct from a meal period point as well.

SLEEP: 2 Points. If you do not sleep, no matter how hard you work, or well you eat, you will NOT make progress. Let that sink in. 7 hours of sleep in one day (naps may count). Sleep is calculated from the night before.

WATER: 2 Daily Points. Consume 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water daily


PRIZES: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place overall top finishers will receive PRIZE PACKAGES!

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