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Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

April 30-June 10

Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

Simonne Gratton takes Week 2 with a perfect score of 264!  Do you even realize how hard this is to do?!  Yeah… I’m guessing you do!  Great work Simonne, keep setting that bar!  

Cailin, Ben, Boutin and Patrick O’ Patrick still sit at the top of the Team Leaderboard, but the race for 2nd is p-r-e-t-t-y tight!  


Coaches Points

Be sure to read all the details in regards to the next raffle of Coaches bonus points. How many bonus point picks you get depends on how many teammates can improve their scoring….. 

Enter your Week 3 Scores and Read All the Details Here:


The Details

Food Suggestions, Score Sheets and Rules are listed below. Please PRINT your score sheet and get to know ALL rules

EFFORT drives Results

IT’S ALL ABOUT EFFORT! The more you do, the better you eat, the more gains you will get. It’s that easy folks. It’s only 6 weeks, if you’re going to do it, do it with 60 other like minded individuals!

Effort is Rewarded: The winners will be based on overall effort (seen in daily numbers) and overall improvement on ‘Test & Re-Test’ benchmarks.


DAILY WOD PARTICIPATION: 6 Points (max 30 points/week) Because rest days are important, only 30 points per week max. If you cannot make it to 802, 30 minutes of rigorous exercise will gain you your 6 points. YOU ALL KNOW WHAT RIGOROUS MEANS (WOD LIKE INTENSITY), DON’T CHEAT THE SYSTEM!

EXTRA WORK: 2 Points/Day (10 weekly point max) Completing Daily Prescribed Extra Work in Full, in combination with the daily WOD. Must be done the same day of WOD to gain points.

CROSSOVER SYMMETRY: 2 Points/Day (14 weekly point max) The benefits of Crossover Symmetry are NUMEROUS. You are able to do multiple sessions in one day, HOWEVER, only gain points for one session per day. If you don’t remember the routine, watch the video below and then ask a coach!

RUNNING GROUP: 8 POINTS! One group run on Wednesday or Saturday OR completed Running Group work on your own (in full to include warm-up and cool down) will get you 8 points. ***Remember our running group is only to be executed one time per week by an individual (8 weekly point max)

TEST/RE-TEST PROGRAM: 2 Pts/Day Max 6 Pts/Week. Push-Ups OR Handstand Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, or Double Unders. Pick one area to improve and incorporate the separate Test/Test 3 day per week program (see below for more information) into your week to gain points. Each session gains you 2 points for a 6 point weekly max.


AVOID INGREDIENT LISTS & PROCESSED FOODS. Please refer to ‘Foods to Eat/Foods to Avoid List for Assistance and Recommendations

NO SUGAR: 2 Points For Each Sugar Free Meal and all Snacks (8 Pt Daily Max)
(READ Labels in full, sugar is in everything) Pure Honey and Pure Maple Syrup is allowed but recommended in moderation for optimal results. Stevia in SFH products will not cause for deduction in this category.

NO PROCESSED FOODS: 2 Points For Each Non-Processed Meal and all Snacks (8 Pt Daily Max)

Good rule of thumb: If man made it, its in the center isles of the grocery stores, its shelf stable for years and it contains preservatives, don’t eat it… beware of artificial flavors! PLEASE NOTE: There is a difference between minimally processed and highly processed foods. Milk in a gallon jug, plain yogurt, pre-packaged frozen vegetables etc are all considered ‘minimally processed’ and are okay. Please avoid ingredient lists with additives, stabilizers and words you do not know. DON’T CHEAT THE GAME. Use your head and when in doubt, don’t eat it or ask.

NO ALCOHOL: 2 Daily Points. If you have beer, wine, or straight liquor, you do not gain an alcohol point. If you choose to mix with sugary drinks, you WILL lose points for the sugar/processed food snack category as well.

NO TOBACCO: 2 Daily Points

SLEEP: 4 Points. If you do not sleep, no matter how hard you work, or well you eat, you will NOT make progress. Let that sink in. 8 hours of sleep in one day. (6 hours overnight + 2 hour nap in 24 hours will gain you points too).

WATER: 4 Daily Points. Consume 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water daily


PRIZES: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place overall top finishers will receive PRIZE PACKAGES! The Highest Scoring Team will also receive a prize.

Prize Packages will include: A NEW, more energized you, One Month Memberships, Athleta Gift Cards, Tee Shirts, Flynn Tickets, Shelburne Museum Concert Tickets, JUNK Bands, Accessories, Water Bottles and MORE!

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