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Memorial Day Hero WOD: 5/25/20

Zooming LIVE Monday 5/25 at 9am


To Honor And Remember

Memorial Day is a holiday which honors the men and women who have died while serving in the US Armed Forces. It’s usually associated with BBQs, pools, a day off of work, and sales, but Memorial Day is a somber reminder of the sacrifices inherent in protecting and providing the freedoms we celebrate here in the United States.

For CrossFitters, Memorial Day is generally marked with the Hero workout Murph. Murph, named after Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, is viewed as a rite of passage in CrossFit, but sometimes the man behind the workout and the reason we do that workout are lost.

Who was Michael Murphy?

Michael Murphy was a Navy SEAL who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor after being killed in action in Afghanistan. While conducting operations in the mountains of Afghanistan, his team was discovered by enemy forces and ended up outnumbered in a firefight in the extreme and mountainous terrain. As he and his teammates all suffered major injuries, including mortal wounds for most of the team, Lieutenant Murphy fought his way out of cover and into open ground to transmit his team’s location and call for support. Lieutenant Murphy purposefully left cover and relative safety for open ground to call for help and in the process was mortally wounded but continued to engage the enemy until he was finally killed.

What’s the point of doing Murph on Memorial Day?

Unlike other CrossFit workouts, completing Murph isn’t about crushing your time or competing or even finishing the workout as written. Murph exists as a reminder of the actions and sacrifices of men and women like Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy. Murph is an opportunity for those of us who are still around to celebrate Memorial Day to experience a whole bunch of discomfort and intensity as a tribute to men and women like Lieutenant Murphy.

Put your fears aside and let’s honor all of our fallen soldiers who fought for us. Remember, there is a version for EVERYONE. No excuses.

Wear all the red, white and blue, and get it done! 

Murph 2020

Make the best of this year!  Can’t do pull-ups? It does not matter.  Do any combination of suggestions below to make it work for you.  If you are doing KBS, please state so in your score so we know for next year.  Typically, we would program Rx as 70/55#, Performance 55/35# and Fitness Russian Swings at 35/25#.

The Warm-Up

See Video Demo HERE (same as Mini Murph Prep)

Murph 2019

Murph 2018

Murph 2017


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