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Monday 1/11/21

Squat Program

We will be working in a Monday routine of Squatting until The Open begins on March 11th.  Not sure what The Open is? Have no fear, more information will follow soon!

The Board

The Warm-Up

6 minutes to warm-up.  All stations will do the same general warm-up followed by a few station specific movements.  You will only do one warm-up depending on your start station.

Runners Stretch

Station #1

Rx/Performance will work to a heavy single Front Squat.  If you are new to CrossFit, or are focusing on form and technique, you will work towards 2 reps.

Station #2

  • When I say you gotta move to get this done, I mean it!  No pacing, just GO, as soon as the WOD begins.  
  • Females will finish when they complete the work above the dotted line. Because males typically have a stronger row, they will have a little more work to do which is shown below the dotted line.
  • We would like this WOD almost the entire 9:00.  If you scale and finish with a lot of time left (7:15 or less) challenge yourself and do the extra round listed below the dotted line as well.

Please view this 0:20 video that could help so many of you row better!  Stop ignoring your poor form on this machine! 

Station #3

  • Get ready for another challenge!  DOUBLE Dumbbell Devils Presses!
  • This movement will take a lot more intention. You will need to brace your core, and commit to each rep you do.
  • THIS WILL BE A CHALLENGE.  THE RX CATEGORY IS FOR TOP END RXERS.  If 50/35# single DB Devils Presses are  a challenge for you, are a sometimes Rxer with low reps, please challenge yourself with 2 dumbbells at the performance level instead.  We want you to get these done without taking large rests between each rep.  We will do these again.  Practice and get after that heavier weight when you are more confident with it!
  • IF 2 DUMBBELLS IS TO GREAT OF A CHALLENGE, scale back and use one! Maybe choose one slightly heavier than you normally would!

The Finisher




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