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Monday 1/18/21

The Board

3 Stations, 9 minutes in each, 4 minutes to clean and transition to the next 

The Mobility

A few new mobility drills here… Take a look!

Station #1

  • Big sets here!  10 reps will be exhausting!
  • Think about that solid foundation. Draw that naval in at the top, take a breath of air, then squat.
  • As you drive up, squeeze your butt cheeks
  • Think about your foot as a tripod. Even weight distribution in the heel, big toe, little toe

Station #2

  • Work on your row form!  We use the rowers so often, don’t ignore your bad form!
  • This Station is a 9 minute UP Ladder.  You will work your way up the ladder for the entire 9 minutes.

Station #3

Another day to work on those Double Unders!

TIP OF THE DAY…. What’s your grip look like?

The Finisher

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