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Monday 1/24/22

Did You Know?

We have a private FaceBook Page for 802 Members where daily Board Pics and other on the spot info is shared? If you’d like to join, follow THIS LINK  or search ‘802 CrossFit Members’

The Board

The Met-Con

This is a two part score. Score 1 is max calories on the rower.  Score 2 is max Ab Mat Sit-Ups.  You will provide 2 separate scores at the end.

You must be seated on the rower, ready to go at the sound of the timer and every 2:00 thereafter.   The Row will always be 0:30 every round.

You will perform 6 rounds of the rest of the movements at high reps, then 5 rounds decreasing by 1 of each movement, then 4 rounds decreasing reps again.

After the given reps are complete, you will do As Many Ab Mat Sit-Ups as Possible with the remainder of the 2:00.  Give yourself about 0:12-0:15 to get back to the rower and do it all over again.

We want you to get to the AMSU.  Choose a rep range that will get you there.

The Movements

The Finisher

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