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Monday 3/29/20

The Board

The Warm-Up

One warm-up depending on your start station

Station #1

  • Your first set of 10 & 6 should be considered an addition to your warm-up
  • You will manage your rest time, but aim for a 1:30 loop
  • Use men’s bar if able, No collars. 

Station #2

  • Rxers will work as fast as possible to get 8 rounds for time.
  • Performance/Fitness will consider this a 9 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)
  • If you were attempting Rx, but did not finish your score will be P (P+ etc)
    • Box Jumps Focus on NOT jumping into a deep squat as you land on top of the box.  Knees will be slightly bent.
    • Step-Ups Focus should be driving through the foot on top of the box, and not pushing off of the foot on the floor.
    • Double Under Tips Check out some really easy double under tips before tomorrows WOD

Station #3

  • Similar to Station #2, Rxers will be shooting for 9 rounds for time, while Per/Fit make this an AMRAP
    • Ball Slams Butt down, eyes up, flat back and SLAM

Push-Up Technique

  • Full Range of Motion = Chest to deck, not thighs or belly button
  • Bring your hips with you, down and up
  • Fingers pointed forward, elbows at 45 degreess
  • Naval drawn toward spine, think about pushing back into your toes as you press up

The Finisher


  • Using the bench, swiss ball or on the floor.
  • If using swiss ball, make sure hips are not sagging and shoulders/neck are supported on ball. Ball on carpet or rubber mat, not concrete floor


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