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Monday 5/17/21

Murph Pre-Registration & Covid Updates

Check for an email to land in your inboxes on Sunday night for some Covid Updates & Murph Pre-Registration.

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

You will only do one warm-up depending on where your start station is.

Station #1

Last week you had a chance to test out your 1 mile run for the first time.  We are giving this one another go and you are going to use your time last week to help you decide what to do this week.  Rxers that plan to wear a vest for Murph will have an opportunity to do this wearing their vest this week.  IF YOU BARELY FINISHED LAST WEEK WITH NO VEST, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT CHOOSE TO WEAR A VEST THIS WEEK.  If you finished with plenty of time remaining, use the run this week to step up your challenge a little bit more, no matter what level you choose.

  • Rx= VESTED 1 mile Run Per=1200m  Fit=900 m

Your Route…

  • Stay tight to the left side of the road all the way to the end of Morse Drive.  At the intersection, continue to stay left.  The designated meter marks are freshly spray painted on the side walk.  Fitness distance is also down Morse Drive.  The 450m mark is near the further Sports and Fitness Edge parking lot entrance.
  • On your return, cross the street on Morse Drive and stay left all the way back.

Station #2

Although there are no burpees in Murph, we are taking the opportunity to get a larger volume of pull-ups this week for Station #2.  Rxers that plan to do Murph vested will wear a vest for Station #2.

Pull-Ups & Scaling

Station #3

  • Start LIGHT.  Use the warm-up to build in weight.  Too often we see people grab one set of dumbbells to use in this from start to finish.  Warm-up just as you would if we were using a Barbell.
  • Your mile run is the next station.  HIGHLY encourage you to spend all time between sets doing something to warm-up for it (gravel run, runners stretch, high knees etc)
  • No score for this station

The Finisher

Palloff Press

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