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Monday 6/7/21

Important Covid Updates

(updated 6/5/21)


The Board

The Strength, The WOD, then finishing with a second strength

The Warm-Up

The Strength

Focus is quality, pausing for 2 seconds in the squat each time. 

  • High Hang Power Clean
    • Don’t let the bar go down too far.  Your goal is to focus on a big hip drive with little time to build momentum.
  • Hang Power Clean (HPC)
    • Bar descends down further to above the knees.  You have more time to build power, but still focus on how much you need your hips to drive.
  • Clean
    • Bar starts on the floor, catching in a full squat.


Hard and fast! Make it burn!

Row, Air Squats and Burpees.  Can’t get more simple than that.

The Finisher

Glute Bridges (on bench)



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