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Monday & The Week: 11/20/17

Thanksgiving Schedule

Please make note of above schedule changes for Thanksgiving Week!  

Brittany will be hosting our annual Thanksgiving Day WOD at 8am so make sure to Join Us and Work-Out before you Pig Out!

Monday: Squat Program comes to a close!

Back Squat 8 x 2 x 60% (8 sets, 2 reps at 60% of your 1 Rep Max)

The Thruster

Are Thrusters NOT one of your all time favorite CrossFit movements?  Or, maybe they are and you want to learn to love them even more! Either way, read/watch below and get better at them!

Drive through your heels
If your weight is not in your heels, you will rock forwards and backwards, meaning the barbell will move outside of the vertical plane, creating a far more inefficient movement that requires extra work.

Your hips and legs are your best friends
Drive your knees out and push up forcefully through your hips to generate momentum and get the bar overhead, saving your arms from having to do extra work.

Keep your elbows up
Keep your elbows nice and high to create a solid base for the bar to rest on your shoulders, which will allow you to pop the bar off your body when you drive through your legs, as mentioned above.

Keep the movement fluid
The best way to do this movement is in one fluid motion. This will be harder for some more than others, but you should be able to do it in one motion—otherwise the weight is not appropriate. It is imperative that you avoid pausing in the middle of this movement. If you need to rest, try resting when you lock the bar out overhead, or when you bring the bar back down to your shoulders after a successful rep. Once you go into that first front squat, you better believe that you are doing the whole rep in one motion.

Don’t have a tight grip
At least when the bar is in the front rack position. A tight grip can quickly fatigue your forearms during thrusters, so loosen your grip when you can. When the bar is overhead, tighten your grip slightly to prevent the bar from wobbling or dropping unexpectedly.

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