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Murph Prep Monday 5/3/21

Murph Prep

  • Every Memorial Day, CrossFitters all over the world complete the Hero WOD Murph.  If you haven’t done Murph, follow THIS LINK to learn more.
  • This year, we will be completing the Hero WOD on Saturday 5/29.  We will run heats much like we did for the last Open WOD with pull-ups (couples together).  It is our hope to follow up the last heat with a BBQ celebration.  More information will follow, BUT mark it on your calendar now!  
  • Leading up to this event, we will be doing a bit of prep work in our weekly programming. Our focus will be running, push-up and pull-up rep schemes that will build your Murph engine to tip-top shape!

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

Station #1

  • Murph performed as prescribed is done in a weight vest.  This is advanced, and NO, you do not need a weight vest to do Murph.  This is something you should talk to Tarken about before purchasing.
  • We will begin weight vest training this week for Station #1 only.  Performance and Fitness will not be done with a vest, or a burden of any kind.
  • Keep those Push-Ups looking GOOD. Please review points of performance in THIS VIDEO.  Good form builds strength, bad form stalls your progress.
  • All runners will be running the 150m upper loop. DO NOT CUT THE CORNERS stay on the pavement at all times for your runs

Station #2

Station #3

  • Our focus here is explosive power.
  • Focus on Squeezing the glutes and firing out of the hole

The Finisher



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