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Olympic Weightlifting: 3/13/18

Did You Know?

Olympic Weightlifting has no equal for developing speed, flexibility and coordinated, total-body strength and muscle. The core strength and mobility that is developed by the sport means that Olympic lifters have some of the highest vertical leaps of all athletes. The speed of the movement requires Olympic lifters to recruit every fast-twitch muscle fiber. These type fibers, which fire anaerobically, are also associated with sprinting, which is why the fastest people in the world use weightlifting to gain that extra edge.

Sooooo, who’s ready to Lift?

We will be working a Complex ( a series of movements executed without setting the bar down in between reps) of both the Clean and Snatch.

The Hang: As a training exercise, the common purpose of the Hang Position is to develop better force production in the extension and more aggressiveness in the pull under the bar due to the limited time and distance to accelerate and elevate the bar. Variations to the Hang Position are the High Hang (bar drops no lower than mid-thigh) and the Hang (bar drops to just above knee caps).

Watch as Coach Burgener Trains The Clean

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