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Open Prep: 2/1/19

Ring Muscle Ups In The Open

Will there be a movement in The CrossFit Open you cannot do 1 of, or might not be very good at?  GUARANTEED.

I remember very clearly the first time I saw Ring Muscle Ups programmed in The Open.  By far, 15.3 was the most exciting Open WOD we have done at 802 to date.  The energy, the excitement, the CHEERS!  You could literally hear screaming from down the road, and for all that were there, they remember the same. So many nailed their very first Ring Muscle Up and discovered something they didn’t know they could do.  It’s moments like that that make The Open.  Whether you get your FIRST of any movement, or you watch as someone else does, the energy, the chills, are all the same!


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