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CrossFit Terminology

What in the world are all those acronyms on the Board? A language that every CrossFitter all over the world understands and knows how to properly complete. Don’t get overwhelmed, you will soon find the CrossFit slang and abbreviations will be your newly learned language.


1/2 Kneeling Dumbbell Strict Press

Ab Mat Sit-Up (AMSU)

Back Rack Jerk (BRJ)

Back Squat (BS)

Ball Slams

Ball Over Shoulder

Bar Hops

Barbell Bent Over Row (Reg & Rev)

Barbell Chest Press

Bench Press

Bicycle Crunch

Box Jump Over

Box Hop Over

Box Jumps

Burpee Over Bar

Chest Fly (on floor, bench, ball)

Chest Fly (on Foam Roller)

Chest to Bar Pull-Up (scaling)

Chest Press (BB from floor)

Chest Press (DB from bench)



D Ball Slams


Deadlift (slow descent)

Devils Press (double db)

Devils Press (Single DB)

Double Unders

Double Under Tips

Double Under Tip (Penguins)

Down Ups

Down, Up & Over

Down, Up & Over (plate facing)


Dumbbell Chest Press (from bench)

Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch + Lunge

Dumbbell Overhead Lunge

Dumbbell Overhead Reverse Lunge

Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Dumbbell Thruster

Dumbbell Hang Power Clean

Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch ( DB HPS)

Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch (Alternating)

Dumbbell Power Snatch

Dumbbell Push Jerk

Dumbbell Push Press

Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row (no support)

Dumbbell Row to Extension

Dumbbell STOH

Dumbbell Strict Press

Front Squat (from rig)

Front Squat to Back (from floor)

Front Squat with Pause

Goblet Squat

Hang Clean

Hang Power Clean (HPC)

Hang Power Snatch

Hang Snatch

Head Cutters

High Hang Clean

High Hang Power Clean

HSPU & Seated Press Scaling

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Hang Power Clean

Kettlebell Hang Power Snatch

Knee to Elbows

Low Ab Leg Raises (with Barbell)

Low Body Russian Twist

Medicine Ball Squat Toss

Overhead Squat

Overhead Squat (from ground)

Plank Reach

Plate Ground to Overhead

Plate Hops (Lat/Fwd/Split/Burpee)

Plate Lunges

Plyo Lunge

Posted Push-Ups

Power Clean




Pull-Ups & Scaling

Push Jerk

Reverse Prison Lunge

Rowing Technique

Single Leg Tuck-Up


Snatch Balance

Split Jerk

Split Stance Squats



Step-Up and Over

STOH (*)

Strict Press

Strict Pull-Up

Sumo Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift (Speed)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP)

TTB/KAH/Toe Raises





V-Ups/SL V-Ups

Wall Balls

Windshield Wipers