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CrossFit Terminology

What in the world are all those acronyms on the Board? A language that every CrossFitter all over the world understands and knows how to properly complete. Don’t get overwhelmed, you will soon find the CrossFit slang and abbreviations will be your newly learned language.

AMSU:Ab Mat Sit-Ups
AMRAP: As Many Reps (or Rounds) as Possible
BJ: Box Jumps
BFB: Bar Facing Burpee
OBB: Over Bar Burpee
BS: Back Squat
CF: CrossFit
CLN: Clean

C&J: Clean and Jerk
DL: Deadlift
DNF: Did not finish
DU’s: Double-Unders Jump Ropes
FS: Front Squat
EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute
HPC: Hang Power Clean
HPS: Hang Power Snatch
HSPU: Hand stand Push Up
HC: Hang Clean
JPU: Jump-Pull-Uup
KBS: Kettlebell Swing
K2E: Knees to Elbows
MB: Medicine Ball

MU: Muscle up
HSPU: Muscle Up Handstand Pushup
OH: Overhead
OHS: Overhead Squat
PC: Power Clean
PR: Personal Record
PP: Push Press
PS: Power Snatch
PU: Pull-Ups
Rep: Repetition 

Rx’d: As prescribed; – WOD done without any adjustments
RM: Repetition Maximum. Your 1RM is your max weight lift 
SDLHP: Sumo deadlift high pull
SU’s: Single Unders
TGU: Turkish get-up
TTB: Toes to bar

WoD: Workout of the Day

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