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Why CrossFit?

Why CrossFit?

The CrossFit program has grown significantly over the past 10 years because it is a program that works for everyone. Whether you are a marathon runner trying to better your time, a police officer trying to better your physical capacity, a teenage soccer player going for college scholarship, a mom, or grandparent, CrossFit is a fitness program that delivers results, and empowers thousands of individuals to be better at what they do every single day.

The Hardest Part

A lot of our members may start off pretty intimidated, and you might feel that way too. We’ve seen the best of the best on ESPN and think, “I can’t possibly do that”. The truth is, the majority of our members are everyday people, just like yourself, looking to stay in shape and be better at what they do day to day. CrossFit will challenge you, there is no denying it. Once you achieve one set of goals, your list will quickly fill with new ones. Of all the demands CrossFit will put on you, the demands you will soon learn to love, the hardest part for most people when it comes to CrossFit is not the work-out…. It’s walking through the door for the first time.

The Community

Just as important as the work-out itself, is the CrossFit community. Most of us have worked out in a traditional gym, where everyone has their headphones on and no one talks to each other. That is not how it is at 802 CrossFit. We are a very welcoming group of people that will go out of our way to make you feel comfortable. Our members take strength and motivation from each other; and it’s the last person to finish that often gets the loudest cheers. There’s something very positive about sweating through a tough workout, surrounded by supportive and inspirational people. We do everything we can to foster that sense of community, and we’ve heard from a number of our members that they’ve experienced nothing like it before, be it at a traditional gym, or another CrossFit gym. It’s something special and the part of our business we are most proud of.