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Overhead Prep: 11/15/17

We are already 1/2 way through the week and we are looking at Shoulder to Overhead (STOH) strength progressions.  Falling under the STOH umbrella are the 3 movements, Strict (shoulder or overhead) Press, Push Press and Jerk.  Get yourselves set for these movements with a great stretch using the wall to assist you.  He hammers home the problem of thoracic kyphosis (forward rounding of spine and shoulders) and offers an easy solution to reverse it.

If you are new to the 3 STOH movements please also view the second video reviewing the differences of each as well as points of performance to properly execute the movements.

STOH Mobility

Shoulder to Overhead (STOH)

STOH refers to any movement that moves weight from your shoulders to an overhead position.  Strict Press, also referred to as a Shoulder Press or Overhead Press, uses pure raw strength.  This will be the most difficult of the three lifts because you cannot use the drive of your legs to assist you.  As loads get heavier we resort to the Push Press, dipping and driving the bar overhead, and ending with the most powerful position, the Jerk. Take a look!

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