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Pause Squat Day One: 5/13/19

Pause Squat Program

Pause Squats ask you to PAUSE for a given amount of time in the bottom of the squat, and then PAUSE again  at the top of the squat before beginning the next rep. The ascent/descent are at full speed.

How it Works:

Each week you will have 4 attempts to find your Front Squat 1RM of the day, with the prescribed Pauses. This will differ from your actual 1RM Front Squat number.  PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS WEIGHT, because it will come in handy for the following weeks of this program.


Find 80% of your 1RM of the Day Pause Squat and perform 3×3 with a 0:07 Pause at the bottom/0:15 Pause at the top of the squat.


Find 70% of YOUR ACTUAL BACK SQUAT 1RM and perform 3X3 Back Squats with a 0:03 Pause at the bottom/0:10 Pause at the Top.


  1. It is important to keep your quads and glutes active and turned on at the bottom of the squat (during the Pause).  DO NOT settle and relax down in (especially those with low squat mobility).
  2. It is important to keep a tight, active core at the top of each rep, without leaning back or favoring one side of the body.  Naval drawn in toward your spine, stay tight.

Extra Work:


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