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CrossFit Foundations


You may think you’re ready to jump right in, or you may be scared to death to walk into your first class. No matter where you fall on the “I’m Ready To Start CrossFit” spectrum, all new members begin with what we call CrossFit Foundations. The Foundations Program teaches the principles and fundamentals of CrossFit while we learn of your needs and abilities as members of 802. Proper form and technique and the CrossFit methodology are taught through 6 Foundation classes.  All classes are with new members, just like yourself, looking to begin a new fitness journey. When your Foundations classes are complete, you will then roll into a One Month Unlimited Membership to 802 CrossFit.  This membership allows you to attend as many CrossFit classes meeting in one month as you would like to practice everything you learned!

Foundation sessions begin every 2 weeks and meet Monday thru Thursday from 5:45pm-7:15pm.

Monday thru Thursday5:45PM-7:15PM

Does our Foundation schedule not fit with yours?  Don’t worry,  contact us to schedule a time that works better for you! Send us an email to schedule your Foundation classes.

Still Not Sure If CrossFit Is For You?

Join us for a FREE CLASS! Every Thursday we offer Free Trial classes all day for people just like you. Take a look at our class schedule and send us an email to let us know you would like to come by! You can even bring a friend with you. All work-outs are scalable to fit individual need. Top athletes and those that have never worked out a day in their life are able to participate equally. CrossFit is scalable fitness for all levels!