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Powerful Thruster: 1/8/19

Rope Climbs

Rope Climbs are on the schedule for Tuesday.  Bring  a Tall Sock or your Shin Guard if you plan on climbing the ropes!

Did You Know?

Did you know you can see how many spaces are left Open in a class by clicking on the Class listed vs clicking the ‘book’ button??  This may be helpful when deciding on what class to make a reservation to!

Keys to a Powerful Thruster

  1. Stay Back. Often people perform thrusters and loose their balance because they are too forward. Stay back on the heels and keep the bar in close. The weight of the bar should be over your mid foot, not your toes. As you go into your thruster, think about sitting back and driving your chest up; this will help you keep the bar in a good position.
  2. Have A Good Rack. If you lack mobility in the upper back, lats or shoulders, then the rack position for a thruster is going to be a challenge. Ideally, you want a pseudo rack position when completing a thruster. The thruster rack position is a hybrid of the front squat and press. With that pseudo rack position, the bar should be sitting high on your shoulders and, if mobility allows, hold onto the bar throughout the entire thruster. The minute that bar slides down your shoulders is the minute it owns you!
  3. Punch The Bar Up! You’ve got to be aggressive in your thruster. As you are driving up, punch the bar to the ceiling! Imagine gaining speed as you accelerate out of the hole with the peak speed being when you punch the bar overhead.
  4. Pull The Bar Down! As aggressive you are punching the bar up, you need to have that same speed coming down. Actively pull the bar down to your shoulders and let the weight of the bar take you down into your squat. Pulling the bar down will help you accelerate your thrusters as well as make them feel a little more weightless since you are allowing the bar to do more work.
  5. Breathe At The Top. Pause for an extra second when the bar is overhead. This is faster then bringing the bar to your shoulders where you will undoubtedly take more then one second to breathe and lose momentum in taking you down. Establish a good rhythm for breathing (aka don’t hold your breath) and breathe at the top.

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