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Pull Your Hands To Your Feet: 11/21/17

Why You Might Be Having Trouble With Toes To Bar:

It’s Not a Pull-Up Kip

Don’t focus just on dead hanging and lifting the legs up to the bar. Pay attention to moving the shoulders, chest and hips back and forward, and pulling the bar down to the feet. As feet go up, shoulders rise. Toes-to-bar are about timing, rhythm and using the momentum to kick up. For a proper kip, see the video below.

Kick Your Legs Out

After touching the bar, bring your feet straight down and back. Don’t kick your legs out. Reach back to gather the momentum again, bring your knees to elbows first, and then kick with your feet up. Bigger angles and extended legs (knees) will lead to burnout faster.

Extra Work:

Rx/Performance: 3 Rounds

200m Assault Runner, 20 V-Sit Taps, 15 Tuck-Ups, 10 V-Ups

Fitness: 3 Rounds

100m Assault Runner, 10 V-Sit Taps, 10 Tuck-Ups, 10 Ab Mat Sit-Ups

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