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Pulling Technique: 4/23/19

Kipping Pull-Up Progression

Building shoulder strength through the dynamic movement of the kip. We will be using the box to assist us.  These drills are for those that do not have Kipping Pull-Ups, or may be just getting them down.

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|TEACHING the KIP-IN SEQUENCE| . 📌I teach each position scaled so athletes can “de-load” and focus on technique so they don’t miss any positions. . 📌PREREQUISITES •We often see athletes learn kipping when they haven’t developed the foundational strict strength. Over time, this can be detrimental to their progress & cause injury if they aren’t strong enough #fact #getstrongfrist . 🔑POSITIONS MATTER •Once strength is acquired we can work technique. •I have them build off of each step. •If there is a flaw in the step- they don’t move on until it’s mastered. . 📌THE SEQUENCE: •1 arch to hollow lat pull down •1 arch to hollow pulldown into pull-up . 🔑 MOST COMMON FAULT •Missing the lat pull down •Ending in arch at top of pullup —this makes sequencing next rep very difficult bc you need to go in sequential order of arch-hollow-back into arch etc. . Tag a friend & get working! …… •Two ways to learn more! -click my bio link for @performanceplusprogram -head to @cfgymnastics …… Video @crossfitweddington Mural @kentyoungstrom Grips @wodndone Pamela15 ….. #pamelagnon #gymnasticsfoundations #gymnasticsconditioning #performanceplus #kippingpullup #kippingmechanics #teachingthekip Music cred @splice

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Bar Muscle Up

Building Lat Strength and focusing on a big pull DOWN on the bar and timing of the hip pop.  This progression is for those that have multiple kipping pull-up reps and for those working on getting (or bettering) their Bar Muscle Ups.

Ring Muscle-Up

For those that have mastered the Bar Muscle-Up and are learning the Ring Muscle Up, OR for those that have Ring Muscle Ups and are continuing to build strength through the movement.

  • 1 Lever ▶️  + 1 Elevate ▶️  + 1 Hips to Rings ▶️ 🎥(do them unbroken as a complex)
  • Strict Srength
  • False Grip Holds




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