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Push-Up Faults/Corrections: 9/12/18

September 11th Upcoming Tributes

We will be honoring and remembering all those effected by the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001 in various way this coming Saturday.  We ask you to be a part of it somehow with us.

Saturday 9/15

-Vermont Remembers 5k/11k Run/Ruck

-802 CrossFit water station – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to pass out water– set-up at 8am.  Wear your 802 gear and get ready to cheer.  It is a GREAT event to be a part of.  We will be at the corner of Morse Drive (our corner) OR by Brigantes Snack Shack, please stay tuned for details as we are waiting to hear of our location.

-September 11th Tribute WOD- Saturday 9am at 802.  You will also have an opportunity to do this WOD on Sunday at Open Gym.


Push-Ups Faults and Corrections

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ARE YOU MAKING THESE PUSHUP MISTAKES?? – What’s up Achievers?! Pre-pregnancy @laurenpak22 here and today I have some common pushup mistakes to watch out for! – ❌Allowing the neck and hips to sag ❌Allowing the elbows to flare out – Instead, you want to try to accomplish the following: ✅Keeping the entire spine from neck to tailbone “connected” and in a neutral position ✅Keeping the elbows tucked in to somewhere around 45 degrees from the body – If you aren’t able to complete a pushup in this way, we highly recommend elevating your hands on a bench or squat rack. This will take a little bit of the gravitational component away, making the pushup a little bit easier. While your hands are elevated, practice the form I’m demonstrating in the second half of this video! As you get stronger, you can progress to lower and lower inclines until you’re ready for the floor! – We hope this post helps you out! Share with a friend who’s working on their pushups! And until next time, peace, love, and muscles! ✌️💙💪 . . . #pushups #pushup #fitness #performbetter #exercise #workout

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