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Unilateral STOH: 2/11/20

February Schedule Changes

Did you read the email sent out last week?   If not, please do so and make yourself aware of some upcoming schedule changes coming February 20th.


Incorporating unilateral exercises in your workout is a great way to:

  • Increase strength on the weaker side of your body. Often our non dominant arms and legs are lacking in strength not only because we use them less in every day life, but also because during traditional workouts we unconsciously let our stronger side take over. Forcing each side of the body to work differently and separately immediately highlights any muscular weaknesses and imbalances that may be effecting our progress.
  • Improve balance and kinesthetic awareness. Unilateral exercises require a strong kinesthetic awareness; the knowledge of where, in space, your limbs are relative to your torso.
  • Incorporate extra core training in your workout. Whenever we ask the right and left sides of our body to perform different movements we turn on our deep core stabilizers; the muscles that help support the spine and protect it from being injured by external forces. For example, lifting a single, heavy weight up and over your head requires the obliques on the opposite side of your body to contract and engage in order to keep your torso upright.
  • Push through training plateaus. Sometimes we get stuck at a particular weight or progression of an exercise. No matter how hard we try to progress it, we can’t seem to increase the difficulty or the load. Unilateral exercises can help you push through plateaus by forcing the weaker side of the body to become stronger.

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