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Support Your Local Box Fundraiser WOD #1: 4/6/20

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Support Your Local Box WOD #1

CrossFit Headquarters put together a 3 week series of at-home work-outs in an effort to bring communities world-wide together at this time.  We would like ALL of you to participate with us, including any family members/friends!  Get signed up at and be sure to tag us in your photos and videos.  Remember, NO monetary donation is required.  Each week, 2 variations will be released.  One with little equipment, and one with no equipment.  If you do not have the correct weight, don’t worry.  Enter your score as scaled, work your hardest and get it done!  Keep an eye on the bigger picture… our community – and help push each other through!

The Work-Out

Review work-out details, standard of movements and ways to scale HERE

The Board

  • The board looks  a little different this week because the WOD has been programmed by CrossFit.  Remember, when declaring your score you are doing so one of two ways…
  • Rx= using a 50/35# DB and doing 10 push-Ups from your toes
  • Scaled= using anything other than a 50/35# DB AND/OR scaling the push-ups in any way.
  • Don’t worry about Rx/Scaling here – the point of this WOD is to bring our community together and motivate others.  Get it done however you can and be proud of what you’re doing for others!

Suggested Loading to Scale….

Performance= 35/25# with some kneeling Push-ups

Fitness = 20/10# with kneeling or elevated Push-Ups

The Warm-Up

The WOD is coming at you first so go through this 3 times, with purpose! The goal is to have a sweat on your brow before the WOD begins!

The Strength

An opportunity for some to put weight on the bar if you have it.  If you don’t have a lot of weight, you will be doing larger sets whether it be with dumbbells or a barbell.

  • 4 sets on a 2:00 loop 
    • Option #1: Those with ample weights at home – 3 reps
    • Option #2: Those with minimal or light weight – 6 to 10 reps total
  • 4 sets on a 3:00 loop
    • Option #1: Those with ample weight – Heavy Singles
    • Option #2: Those with little weight – 4-8 reps total (updated)
  • ACTIVE REST: 6-10 Reverse Flys (with or without weight)

The Extra Work


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