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Swingers vs. Pullers: 1/11/19

It’s Open Season Prep

Not sure what The Open is? Be sure to take a look at Mondays post because we are going to be talking a lot about it. We are finishing the week off with another Open WOD.  We did this one last year so take a glance and see if your name is on the board.

Swingers vs. Pullers

Efficient weightlifters finish the second pull with a vertical spike of power. Swingers, on the other hand, finish the second pull with a forward spike of power, leading the bar to “pop” off their hips in a distinct forward arc. While big weights can be lifted in this way – you’re still reaching full, powerful hip extension – it’s far from efficient, and will lead to more missed lifts than you’d care to have.

Focus on achieving a vertical finish to the bar. Know that by actively pulling yourself under the bar you’ll be able to get around the bar, rather than making the bar move around your body. The video below shows the big difference in bar path and the loss of efficiency that comes from swinging versus pulling.

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