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Technique WOD: 11/8/17

Lengthy Post Alert, but something for everyone!

Find what’s right for you and focus on that section of this blog BEFORE class on Wednesday.  We will be spending time working on pull-up and muscle up technique.  Technique work includes drill work.  Drill work does not include failing rep after rep, but breaking the movement down into it’s parts to understand body position and build strength. Don’t forget to check out the EXTRA WORK at the very bottom! Something new!  Crossover Symmetry. 

Rx: Bar Muscle Up Drills:

Start Behind the Bar; do not create a vertical movement pattern

Creating Levers/Build Pulling Strength: Pull Hips to Bar

Knees Up


Rx: Ring Muscle-Ups

Hips to Rings (High Rings)

Transition Drills (Low Rings)

Fitness: Strict Pull-Ups, Initiating the Pull

Lats then Biceps

Lat Pull

Scapular Pull

Strict Pull-Up

Performance: Kipping Pull-Ups


Open Close Shoulders

Tap Swing

Tap Swing Pull

Extra Work:

Crossover Symmetry: Although not mentioned here, Wednesday we will work on Y’s A’s and T’s.  Before going into it however, take the time to watch this video and understand what your shoulders are supposed to be doing. The most important thing to remember as you get used to this… Lighter is Better!

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