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Pull Up Strength: 5/15/19

Pull-Up Strength

We will be working different segments of the strict pull-up on Wednesday to build strength in this position.

Please get to know the layout of Wednesdays class to make it run smooth.

Set 1: Initial Pull to 1/2 Way X 3 Rounds – 0:30 Run between each round

Set 2: Top 1/2 to Chin Over Bar X 3 Rounds – 0:30 Run between each round

Set 3: Kip Pull-Up to Slow Negative (3-5 second) x 3 Rounds – 0:30 Run

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Strict Pull-up Drills _______________________________________________________ The focus of these drills is to help build strength for strict pull-ups while working to maintain the hollow position from start to finish. •••• 1. Initial Pull to Halfway- helps you focus on initial engagement of the lats. Before pulling, “break the bar in half” and pull the elbows inside the body. Keep the rib cage down. 2. Top Half Pull-up- helps build strength with end range of motion. Allowing you to pull all the way through your pull-up without losing hollow or tilting the chin up to finish the movement. The head should remain neutral from start to finish. 3. Negative Pull-ups- the focus is on the eccentric (muscle lengthening under tension) portion of the movement. This is where a majority of your pull-up strength is developed. Make sure you are controlling the eccentric all the way down. 4. Banded Hollow Pulls- allows you to focus on the hollow position while pulling. It gives you a point of reference as a tactile cue (feeling lower back on the floor and shoulder up) throughout the movement. It also allows you to work the movement under tension. •••• @cfgymnastics @karhustrength @crossfit @crossfittraining #cfgcoach #cfgymnastics #crossfit #fitness #pullups #progressions

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