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Testing Your 1RM: 11/13/17

The time has come!  Our Squat Program is coming to a close and it is time to re-test those numbers.  Not only will we be re-testing your 1RM, but we will also be re-testing CrossFits Baseline WOD.  We tested this WOD along with our 1RM before our squat program began on 7/31.


  1. Your Board from 7/31
  2. How to warm-up and work up to a new 1 RM
  3. CrossFit Baseline WOD
  4. Extra Work
  5. We will be discussing the first 3 movements of our new Crossover Symmetry program at the start of class on Monday.  Please watch the next blog post for a Crossover Symmetry specific post. This program is great for everyone, but if you are one with shoulder pain, it is a MUST DO daily!

Working Up To Your New 1 Rep Max

Often people either do not warm up enough working up to a new 1 RM or they warm up too much going into it.  Use the guide below to adequately warm yourself up, without burning yourself out.  REST time is important!  Take at least 4 minutes off between sets from 90% on.

Warm-up set # %1RM Reps Rest
1 30-50% 8 2 minutes
2 60% 5 2 minutes
3 70% 3 3 minutes
4 80% 1 3 minutes
5 90% 1 4 + minutes
6 100% 1 4 + minutes
7 102 – 105% 1 4 + minutes

CrossFit Baseline WOD

The WOD is made up of 5 movements we see weekly in CrossFit.  This is a great one to do to check your CrossFit progress over time.  There’s no time for water breaks between movements or a leisure time on the rower.  You want to get through this one as quick as you can and it will be over just as quick as it began.

Extra Work

Extra work will include Crossover Symmetry Recovery.  We will be looking at the fist 3 movements of the series: Row, Reverse Fly & Pull Downs

Movements are the same as Activation but with a slow 6 second eccentric finish.  The eccentric movement adds time under tension which increases blood flow to the shoulder.  Increase of blood flow provides recovery products to the tissue and also promotes the removal of waste bi-products.  This enhances tissue recovery and reduces pain and inflammation.

Front Squat

10x3x50-55% every 30 seconds

(10 sets, 3 reps at 50-55% of your 1 Rep Max)

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