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Thursday 10/14/21

Free Trial Thursday Attendees

  •  Advanced notice required.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early to sign a waiver. You will see a GREEN light in the window when it is time to enter.  If the RED light is on, please remain outside.  
  • Please take a look at the videos below. You may have questions, and that’s ok! Don’t worry at all about the abbreviations below.  It will all make sense when you get here!  We will go over the movements again when you arrive. Each day our program Is scaled 3 different ways to accommodate many different levels.  Rx Is for advanced athletes, Performance Is a bit lighter and less dynamic, Fitness Is the lightest loading and a great place to start for most Free Trial participants.
  • PLEASE REVIEW THE VIDEOS BELOW.  While the class performs the bench press part of the day, the Coach will walk you through the work-out and other important information.

The Board

We are in the 11th week of our Bench Press Program.   We are working to 100% of our 1RM that this entire program was based off of.  If you have followed along, this should be a doable weight for you with a bit more left in the tank.  Save that last little bit for next week when we test at 102.5%!  Free Trial Thursday attendees, may or may not have time to jump in on the Bench.  Review the technique below just in case.


The Mobility

(Free Trial Thursday attendees need not worry about this) 

The Strength

The Met-Con

  • As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 minutes
  • At the 6:00 mark you will stop where you are, and head out the door for a longer run.  Don’t forget where you left off, because this is where you will pick back up when you return.
  • The shuttle runs ask you to touch down at the mark when you change directions.

The Finisher



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