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Thursday & Friday: 11/8 & 11/9

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We will be cycling through 3 variations of the bench press on Thursday.  Narrow Grip, Wide Grip and Regular Grip.

Narrow Grip-One thumbs distance more narrow than your regular grip. This movement focuses on all three heads of the tricep. All three heads are called upon for maximal recruitment during the close-grip version of the bench; few moves will overload this trio of muscles better.

Reverse Grip- Using a reverse grip shifts the emphasis to the upper pecs, mainly the clavicular head. Your shoulders and triceps continue to assist — although the triceps work harder as compared to a standard press — while the biceps again stabilize your movements. The effect is similar to performing the exercise on an incline bench.

Friday Week 2 Day 3 Gymnastics Strength

Strict Pull-Up (Click Here)

Kipping Pull-Up (Click Here)

Bar Muscle-Up (Click Here)

Ring Muscle-Up (Click Here) 

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