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Toes to Bar Progression: 1/2/19

It’s safe to say the Holidays are behind us!

Time to refocus, buckle down and continue to crush our goals!

If you did not join us for our First WOD on Tuesday, you will find a ‘Goals’ box in the mobility area for the remainder of the week. Often, we think about goals, but lose site of them as time goes by.  When we put our goals in writing, the chances of reaching them greatly increases.  So think of a few goals and write them down.  We will hang on to these goals and see what we all have accomplished January 1, 2020.

Wednesday Strength: Let’s Pull

Wednesday WOD: Start Nailing Those Toes to Bar

We are often asked about Toes to Bar Progressions…. This video right here sums things up nicely!  Take a look!

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