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Triple 3 Info: 6/14/18


On Monday, 6/18 we will be performing the Triple 3 WOD that was done at this year’s CrossFit Regional Events.  Performance and Fitness will be doing a scaled version but we wanted to give those interested in doing the WOD as intended time to complete it.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO THIS WOD RX, YOU MUST ARRIVE TO CLASS 10 MINUTES EARLY (YES EVEN AT 5:30AM) SO THAT YOU ARE WARMED UP, READY TO GO AND SEATED ON A ROWER TO BEGIN AT THE EXACT TIME THE CLASS BEGINS.  Even if you think you will be done on time if you don’t start early, you cannot do the WOD Rx simply because it will hold up the rowers for multiple heat classes.

‘Triple 3’

For Time:

3000 m Row

300 Double Unders

3 Mile Run


It’s a Free Trial Thursday Chipper!  That will include some bun burning lunges!  But are you doing them correctly?!  Check yourself and find out!


Here’s a three-point guide to executing the walking lunge.

  1. Keep your spine erect with no wavering forward, backward, or side to side. If you’re traveling in a forward direction, your body can be slightly tilted forward to keep momentum and kinetic energy rolling, but you should always be able to draw a straight line from the top of your head to the knee of your trailing leg.
  2. Bring the knee of the trailing leg to the floor to encourage proper stride length and a strong stretch in the quads and hips. The knees should always point straight ahead.
  3. Take a big enough stride so that knee and shin of the forward leg is perpendicular to the ground.  If your stride is too narrow, your knee will track too far over your ankle causing unnecessary strain.

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