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Tuesday 1/25/22

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The Board

Gymnastics Day Lives On!

We have seen some major improvements with both strength and skill in so many of you that we decided to roll with our Tuesday progressions just a little longer.  REMEMBER, you still may have not gotten your ‘first’ yet, but you are building strength that rolls over into so many other things we do.

Same layout as we did last week – with the warm-up and strength session are combined into one.

The Details

Only pay attention to the Level in which you are working on.  Don’t waste your time looking at any other vides.

Level One – For those building Strict Pull-Up Strength

Level Two – For those building Kipping Pull-Up/Toes to Bar/Handstand strength

Level Three – For those building BMU/TTB/HSPU Strength

Level Four – For those building Ring Muscle Up Strength * Must be able to do a ring dip to do this category *

All Levels will do 2 rounds of line one, then move on to 2 rounds of line 2, then finish with as many rounds time allows of the final line item.

Level One AND Level Two

We combined levels here and gave you a choice between easier and harder drills on some movements.

Level Three AND Level Four

We combined levels here and allow some to work on BMU and others RMU

The Met-Con

12 Rounds for Time:

Kettlebell Swing

Double Unders

The Finisher

Box Ring Dips OR

SLOW descent.  For most these will be done as singles.  Stabilize with arms straight and slowly lower yourself (0:03) Jump or Press-Up to next rep

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