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Tuesday 11/24/20

NEW Apparel in time for the Holidays!

Camels Hump Meets 802

  • Apparel set to arrive before Christmas
  • Sample sizes hung in the gym of all styles
  • You will not be charged until the product arrives
  • INQUIRE if interested in youth sizes


The Board

The Warm-Up

Each station will do the same 4 movements with a few station specific added on depending on where you begin.  5-6 minutes

Station #1: Bench Press

  • Your first set of 10 & 6 should be considered an addition to your warm-up
  • Challenge will be your 3rd set of 4 reps, working with a heavy weight which we will record for your score.
  • As you work your way back up in reps, clean as you go.
  • Use men’s bar if able, No collars. 

Station #2

  • Rxers will work as fast as possible to get 8 rounds for time.
  • Performance/Fitness will consider this a 9 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)
  • If you were attempting Rx, but did not finish your score will be P (P+ etc)
  • Double Under scaling will be working on attempts for 0:30 each round

Box Jump Technique HERE

Focus on NOT jumping into a deep squat as you land on top of the box.  Knees will be slightly bent. 

Step-Up Technique HERE

Focus should be driving through the foot on top of the box, and not pushing off of the foot on the floor. 

Double Under Technique HERE

Check out some really easy double under tips before tomorrows WOD

Station #3

  • Similar to Station #2, Rxers will be shooting for 9 rounds for time, while Per/Fit make this an AMRAP

Push-Up Technique

  • Full Range of Motion = Chest to deck, not thighs or belly button
  • Bring your hips with you, down and up
  • Fingers pointed forward, elbows at 45 degreess
  • Naval drawn toward spine, think about pushing back into your toes as you press up

Ball Slam Technique HERE

Butt down, eyes up, flat back and SLAM

The Finisher

  • Using the bench, swiss ball or on the floor.
  • If using swiss ball, make sure hips are not sagging and shoulders/neck are supported on ball. Ball on carpet or rubber mat, not concrete floor


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