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Tuesday 2/16/21

The Board

9 minutes in each station – 4 minutes to transition to the next.  You will do only one warm-up depending on what your start station is.  

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

Station #1

  • Work your way up the ladder for the entire 9 minutes increasing your reps by 1 every round.
  • Burpees to Target  (B2T) means you will do your burpees under the pull-up bar. To ensure full extension, you will jump and touch the bar above your head (with your hand) during the extension portion of the burpee.

Station #2

You are shooting to get 8 rounds done in less than 9 minutes. If if finish, your score will be your time.  If you don’t finish all 8 rounds, you score will be total rounds plus any additional reps.

Station #3

  • The video below shows a double dumbbell devils press.  We will be using just one DB for this work-out.  All the same mechanics still apply.

The Finisher





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