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Tuesday 2/23/21


Please follow the Sign-Up/Sign-In tab at the top of the screen to sign-in to Mind Body and book from there.  If you forgot your username/password, use the links to find it. If you are still experiencing difficulty AFTER trying this.  You many text to reserve your spot (802) 238-6546.

The Board

Repeat WOD 7-23-20

The Strength

  • Tempo Deadlifts means you are going to slow down your descent from the floor.  You will do a 4 second descent, touch the ground, explode up, and do it all over again for 3 more reps.
  • With this, it is important to put a weight on your bar that you can maintain a flat back and good positioning.

** VIDEO STATES 3 SECONDS, but this time around WE ARE DOING 4 SECONDS**


This WOD is a repeat, and the video is from the last time we did it (it says Monday WOD)

The Finisher

*Use a dumbbell not a barbell


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