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Tuesday 4/6/21

The Board

This WOD is demanding on the shoulders.  Be sure to get that mobility in and choose your weight wisely for the WOD!  

The Mobility

Lying Pec Minor Stretch

The Warm-Up

The Strength

To get the bar to your shoulders, you will do one SQUAT clean


  • At 3-2-1 Go, perform 10 Lateral Plate Hops before beginning your Shoulder to Overhead.Each star represents plate hops.  If you are not good bounding side to side, please do forward plate hops instead.
  • You will then do 21 STOH, 21 V-Sit Taps and 21 Plate Ground to Overhead. More lateral plate hops, then 15 of everything, and so on.

Movements: Lateral Plate Hops, Shoulder to Overhead (Push Press or Push Jerk from above), Plate Ground to Overhead, V-Sit Taps

  • This WOD will be scored by total number of Rounds if you do not finish under the time cap.

The Finisher



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