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Tuesday 5/4/21

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

The Strength

  • Using the High Hang Snatch and Hang Snatch to build to a Heavy Single.
  • If the Snatch is new for you, please do 3 reps instead of 1
  • If the Snatch and OH position are challenging for you, don’t just opt out.  Catch the bar high, and ride it as low as you can with good form!
  • As always, you can sub cleans if you have shoulder restrictions.


  • Similar to a WOD we did a few weeks ago, except this time with Snatches.
  • Your score is As Many Snatches as Possible in 10 minutes.  HOWEVER, every 0:30 you must stop what you’re doing and perform Bar Hops

The Finisher

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