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Tuesday 7/27/21


Friday ~ July 30th

  • Running Clinic by Kim Lord & Keith White – many were out of town for the first, so we are offering a second chance for you to get this in on Friday, 7/30 and 5:40pm. This clinic will focus on the prevention of running related pain, discomfort and frustration by learning proper form and technique. Cost $10 (for those that didn’t attend session 1). If you attended session 1, this clinic is also for you at no additional charge as we will spend more time looking at form while you run. Reserve your spot by emailing

Tuesday ~ August 3rd

    • Back Pain Seminar with Stephen Burkert – We will be hosting a back pain seminar for any athletes with back pain during workouts, on a day to day basis, or following a challenge. Back pain is the most prevalent and expensive musculoskeletal problem in modern day, and we know that being proactive and preventative is the best strategy to reduce this risk. On Tuesday, August 3rd, we will offer two sessions (4:30 and 5:40pm) to learn about back pain and what you can start doing right away. Register HERE

The Board

The Mobility

Groin Smash with KB

The Warm-Up

Runners Stretch


Get ready for a nice long work-out!

  • Every minute the clock will beep.  You will perform just one movement, then rest the remainder of time.  Pick a rep scheme that will give you ‘some’ rest before the next round begins.  The Run station will be tight, taking roughly 0:45-0:55, the other stations you should have more rest for.  You cannot bleed into the next minute to get the given work done.
  • Your score will come from the final 5 minute round.  Within each minute, perform as many reps as possible of each movement.  Add all the reps up for your score.  THE RUN STATION DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD YOUR REPS, but you must get back in time for your score to count.  
  • If you cannot get the given amount of work done within the minute, you must scale back that will allow you to do so.

The Finisher

Bulgarian Split Squat

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