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Tuesday 9/14/21

The Board

The Mobility

Banded Hamstring

The Warm-Up

Lateral Lunges


The Strength

  • Working to a heavy single for the day.  If you are new to CrossFit, perhaps working on 3 good reps instead of singles is a good idea!
  • Your score for the strength will be the weight for all 4 singles added together


  • Each Round you will do Deadlifts, Burpee Over Bar, and Walking Lunges
  • The walking lunges will begin at the door every round and progress out 5 more meters each round.  Because some have longer legs than others, all athletes will do 6 walking lunges total and either progress to, or back-up to the next 5m mark.
  • TAKE YOUR WATER BOTTLE with you to mark where you left off.  Pick it up along the way, then set It down where you leave off again.
  • When you get to the 50 meter mark, you will then head back towards the door.
  • Remember, lunges always start at the overhead door.
  • Score will be total meters lunged plus additional reps.

The Finisher

Banded Leg Curl

Banded Prone March

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