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Wednesday 1/12/21

Open Gym

  • The CrossFit Open begins on 2/24. We wanted to use the weeks leading up to it to re-introduce our Sunday Open Gym time slot, giving you a chance to practice some of the major movements we see each year. Each week we will have a highlighted movement that the coach will give instruction on, and Steve Burkert will be present to lead you through targeted mobility and a warm-up to compliment.
  • You do not have to work solely on the specific movement we are presenting that week. You may utilize this time to work on something you missed that week, or something else you would like to get better at.
  • These classes will be a trial run to see if re-opening Open Gym is something you would like to see in the future. Please note, the listed time slots are all that we are offering at this time (every other week). Sign-in on MindBody as usual. Hope to see you there!

Masking Up

Let’s try a little harder to do our part in helping our health care workers out at this time.  We can all do the simple task of stepping up our mask usage while moving throughout the shared gym space, so let’s do it!  As always, be sure to wipe down PVC’s, Barbells, Dumbbells etc.

The Board

The Strength

You will perform 3-5 reps off all 3 movements on one side, THEN switch to the other arm.  After both arms are done, you will row for 0:30.

The Met-Con

Down Ladder for Time

  • Shoulder to Overhead =  Push-Press or Push-Jerks
  • Back Squats
    • Bar will go to the back rack position after your last shoulder to overhead.  Dip drive the bar to the front rack position to bring it back to the floor.
      • DO NOT ditch the barbell off your back.
  • Ab Mat Sit-Ups

The Finisher

Lu Press

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