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Wednesday 1/26/21

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The Board

Starting things off LIGHT with a focus on technique.  You will have a chance to add more weight to the bar and put it all together in the 2nd Strength

The Mobility

The Strength

  • High Hang Power Snatch
    • Moving from the high hang gives you less time to accumulate power, so it trains you to realize just how important BIG hip and leg drive is.
    • The HHPS will be the limiter as to how much weight you have on your bar in this complex. Focus is technique – keep it light
    • Pause for 0:01  in the Pause position.  This allows you to stabilize and train how to do so when you need it.
  • Hang Power Snatch
    • You will catch this bar in the power position, pause, then ride it down into a squat.  This is a habit we don’t like to create when performing the full squat snatch variation, but we are using it as a means to warm you up and ride the bar low.
  • Snatch
    • This should be a full complex that you can touch-and-go right into your rep.  Do not pause in the power position. Try and catch in a full squat. If you are someone that struggles to do so, you may use the catch high, ride low method as you continue to learn and work on mobility.

The Met-Con

This is a 19:00 AMRAP, however, you will have some mandatory rest time built in.

Make note of where you left off before the rest, because that is where you will pick back up.

The Finisher

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