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Wednesday 1/5/21

Red Hoodie Re-Order

We will be placing a re-order for red hoodies.  Unfortunately, Born Primitive has discontinued the Red Color from their line-up, and we are no longer able to get Medium or X-Large.  As far as sizing goes… many males decided to size up, while many females decided to size down.  They stretch, so they are forgiving if you decide to stick with your true size. We are also able to get the gray color too. TO ORDER, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO INFO@802CROSSFIT.COM BY FRIDAY 1/7

January Row Challenge

What is the Concept2 Virtual Challenge?! Throughout the year, Concept2 hosts a variety of individual and team challenges that seek to motivate and challenge us by utilizing their equipment: The Bike Erg, The Ski Erg, and the Rower. The annual Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge is here!

From January 1st through 31st, teams from all over the world erg AMMAP (as many meters as possible) to see who can do the most. 802 CrossFit has participated the last 5 years

Sign-ups are live, and you can do so and learn more about this challenge (and other Concept2 challenges) by visiting

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

The Strength

Working to a heavy set of 1, we will give you 2:00 between sets.  We will then give you more time to recover adding 3:00 to the clock.

The Met-Con

As Many Reps as Possible in 15:00 of:

*At 3-2-1 Go, and every 5:00 thereafter, ROW.

*You must work on the AMRAP until the 5:00/10:00 mark.  Meaning, you cannot stop the AMRAP and head over to the rower until the clock switches to 5:00/10:00.

*The weight you will be using for V-taps will be stripped from your Deadlift bar for Rx and Performance.  Bars must be collared.  Be sure to put the V-Tap weight you want to use on the outside of the bar for ease of changing.

The Finisher

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