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Wednesday 10/6/21

The Board

The Mobility

Lat Foam Roll

The Met-Con

  • Your score for this work-out is the AMRAP portion at the end.  Choose a path that will get you there!
  • Your Row must be complete in under 3:00.  If you chose a cal target that was too high, you must get off the rower regardless after 3:00, and reflect that in your score.
  • You will also have a time table to keep you on track for the Ball Over Shoulder.  You should be able to get all of those done in less than 3:00. This will also help heats share equipment without bottlenecking.  So the Row + Ball Over Shoulder should be complete in less than 6:00.
  • The movements: Ball Over Shoulder, Air Squats, Ab Mat Sit-Ups, Row & Run

The Finisher

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