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Wednesday 11/17/21

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The Board


The Mobility

The Warm-Up


The Strength

  • You will be following a 1:00 clock.  You will do 3 reps every minute.  We want these reps to be fast, touch and go.  You must complete your 3 reps in 0:06 or less.  Be intentional with these reps.  Think about activating your glutes and hamstrings to stand the bar up.  You have plenty of reps coming your way in the MetCon, keep it light.
  • You will do 8 sets of Deadlifts, then 8 sets of Sumo Deadlift.
  • We will not record weight for the strength

The MetCon

  • You will move through the list of movements for 6 rounds, following a 0:30 clock.
  • You will perform as many deadlifts as possible in 0:30, row as many calories as you can in 0:30, and complete as many Kettlebell Swings as possible in 0:30.
  • Your score will be one grand total of calories on the rower + Deadlifts, reps + Kettlebell Swings for all 6 rounds.
  • The * section, is your time off from the scorable movements.
  • For round 1 & 2, you will rest * Rest 0:30
  • For rounds 3 & 4: you will do down, ups, then rest the remainder of time
  • For rounds 5 & 6, you will do down, ups then bar hops, then rest the remainder of time. The * portions are not optional.  If you cannot get the work-in, you must reflect that in your score.
  • YOU MUST KEEP YOUR FORM ON POINT. Do not get caught up doing reps with poor form.  The coach will stop you from proceeding if your form deteriorates. 


The Finisher

Death March

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